I was busking with the harp in a busy pedestrian shopping street in Gloucester today. This street is not the most upmarket, and there’s a huge social mix there, including many who are obviously struggling. But quite near the start, a woman in her sixties was standing next to me and slightly behind, so I […]

Music videos for local duo

Editing music and creating music video is easier when you understand music! Creating any music video is a mix of project management, technical and musical skills. These are two videos I planned, shot and edited for Generation Jones, a very talented duo in Gloucestershire, UK. Following much valuable discussion with the band, I shot the […]

Seeing from multiple angles

Recently I visited Derby Children’s Hospital for some practical music-making as part of the Opus Music in Healthcare course. Within the Children’s areas there is plenty of visually very witty design to make the environment as fun and stress-free as a hospital can be. For example, the big lifts are decorated floor to ceiling. Go […]