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Mark Harmer
Mark Harmer

My work encompasses education, media production, music performance, music facilitation, and creativity.

I enjoy connections and think they’re increasingly important in a fragmented world. I hope this site will give you an insight into how I combine these various passions to help people get new insights.

Recently I have been developing and producing a range of video / audio / web media in collaboration with professionals working with young children throughout Gloucestershire, UK, to help them understand and benefit from music.

Following 23 years’ experience in the BBC in broadcast, production, training and leadership development, I graduated in the Ashridge Masters in Organisation Consulting in 2006 and for my disseration, explored ways of combining my musical and OD experience.

Working with one of my colleagues at Ashridge Consulting, I run workshops addressing creativity and strategy development through the use of musical and other artistic means, in groups, as a way not only of looking at these issues in a different way and thereby getting different data, but also as a way of allowing people to experience the power of free dialogue in groups towards a common, co-created goal – something all too rarely experienced in organisations. Think of it as teamwork at a very deep level.

Last, but not least, I play and teach solo harp and also perform with a 5-piece celtic band.

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  1. Mark: I came across your version of Caledonia and just loved it. Have you recorded it and, if so, which album/CD is it on.
    I’m Scottish and live in Toronto and find that there is more than one folk group called Slainte….are you based in England or Scotland?
    What a great voice Lynn has….what is her full name? Definitely my favourite version of Dougie McLean’s lovely song….would love to have the CD. Thanks, Mark

    1. Hi there! There are quite a few bands called Slainte – you are right. We are in England and this is our website: http://www.celtmusic.co.uk

      Lynne does have a lovely voice but she left the band a few years ago (only because she decided to retire from singing – nothing sinister!). But we do miss her. We lived in the same village and it was a treat to share car journeys to gigs and just have her singing in the car. It was wonderful!

      The performance on the “Celtic Tradition” CD on our site is not as good as the video in the TV studio, which was done completely live in one take. So I hope it’s useful that I’ve extracted the audio from the original file from the video – download it for free here – Enjoy!: http://www.danceofdelight.com/Gallery/Audio/slainte-celtmusic-lynne-caledonia-audio.mp3

  2. Hello from sunny California, Mark! I have just recently discovered your music. I would love to have scores of your arrangements for small harp, but cannot seem to find them anywhere. Can you direct me to a website where I might purchase them? Thank you, Cynthia

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