3: Create your own music!

Sometimes it’s easier to write your own tune if you have something that helps you make a start. I used this simple idea to convert names into fragments of melody, and then extended and arranged those into complete tunes.

The top row of the grid gives the musical notes.

If any letters of the name are not already on the top row, find them on the grid and look at the note name on the top row that is above it.

For example “Susan” would produce the notes “egeag”

Then you use this as a basis for a whole melody. Feel free to change:

  • note values
  • accidentals

And then:

  • extend your tune
  • add an “answering phrase”
  • add bass lines / harmonies / chords

There’s an online version which generates your notes from the letters here or by clicking on the grid of letters.

If you want to know more (much more!) about the project where I created music using this idea in a neonatal hospital, please visit musicgarden.co.uk