My work

I have produced the following educational / media / online projects to support individual, commercial and public-sector clients:

Harp Teaching – 2012+

My mini-site for harp teaching in and around Cheltenham UK

Musicgarden – 2012+

Highlighting current video work with corporate, public sector and individual clients, together with education projects for Gloucestershire.

Grounded Creativity – 2007+

Working with Chris Nichols (Ashridge), Grounded Creativity introduces other ways of seeing the world (beyond our usual words) including music, group artistry, analytical and creative thinking – giving us different insights on strategy and organisational processes. Clients have included a wide range of public / private-sector organisations, charities and individuals.

Lyre of Ur project – 2007+

Documenting an Iraq-UK project and using standard / high-definition video and web pages as a catalyst for international artistic collaborations.Recent projects include creating a CD for commercial release and a DVD for the British Museum to highlight the work to date.

Gloucestershire County Council – 2007

A major collaborative DVD project to help early-years professionals work musically with under-7s throughout Gloucestershire which makes an ongoing difference to supporting children’s education.

Morley Harps, Filkins, Nr Lechlade, Gloucestershire – 2007

Marketing a family business – a video catalogue on DVD and online which has helped customers focus their choice toward particular instruments and has saved on physical shipping costs for the company when attending exhibitions.

IBM Consulting / Ericsson – 2005-6

Original content to introduce the broadcast and online markets to Ericsson’s mobile products development team to help them enable rich media development for their products.

BBC – 2001-2005

  • A short, peer-created TV programme about the BBC’s Futureworld exhibitions which arose from and fed back in to a series of face-to-face workshops
  • A series of tv / radio / workshop programmes to my design, encouraging the discussion of values for the BBC’s customer-facing call-centre staff and support their customer work (this included the groups creating and staffing live tv and radio programmes and providing phone support for audience feedback)
  • I created a BBC-wide leadership programme for New Managers, based on an online business model, and using community-generated content and a mix of online and face-to-face workshop activities. The insights fed back into the organisation at a strategic level and created a community of people who were willing to connect and share their learning.

KPMG – 2000
A project for a team of KPMG’s compliance consultants, producing a TV programme to support a local charity

One thought on “My work

  1. Dear Mark,
    I am currently studying for an MEd at the Royal College of Music and preparing a research proposal for a study examining if live music can impact trauma recovery within Intensive Care Units (ICU) and neonatal Intensive Care Units (NICU).
    As part of this project I’m contacting musicians within the UK to find out the current status of their practice. I was given your name by Jessica Pitt as she recognised the similarities within our music making (prior to Covid I was playing in both NICU and adult ICU/HDU).
    Are you playing in NICU wards currently? Do you have any plans to publish anything regaring your work within hospitals?
    Best wishes

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