Cheltenham Festival of Performing Arts

Fantastically pleased to have won a cup!

This was in the Adult class for people who make their living from / largely from music, and I spent quite a while considering various options for pieces, because my music is often either my own arrangement, or pieces I’ve written, or pieces by others that I’ve learned by ear, and for any of these cases, I can’t provide the required sheet music. However, after much discussion with various harpists, I decided to play pieces which were fully notated. The reason for this is that the point of entering was to get feedback on my performance, and while playing from “written” music is atypical of what I do, it made it easier for the adjudicator to give me useful comments. Thus I played a piano piece by Einaudi, one of my Carolan arrangements (which I’d notated for sale), and a Grandjany piece.

I did a few fluffs, and I think it’s in the nature of these things that you yourself as a player notice them, and everyone else doesn’t. At least, in my case, I just carried on and didn’t let it throw me. And I have a wonderful cup and certificate, and these great words from the adjudicator (signature removed at the bottom). I’m fantastically proud to have done this!

adjudication MH may 2013

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